Wow, Catfish!

You did some great research! I watched the Corey Feldmen Special and was amazed at what he told the world. HAIM's Family rejected all statements about Haims molestation. They stated Feldmen can't be trusted, and he is lying. I am sure they are trying to save face. Reality will not get in the way.
This is why we do not tell our story to most people and family! Some day, we will be accepted as being abused, and not shunned.

I apprecitate Corey Feldmen for his bravery for comming out to the world. He took a big risk on his reputation, and livelyhood.
This is what we have been enduring for generations.
Maybe, now my friends will again reach out to me; ah, maybe not.


The me that nobody knows!
Did you replace me with a younger Boy?Does he bend,squat, beat,say Awwww as well as me?
I still love you & miss you.My Perb referred to me as his
'Dirty 'lil Boy','cause I allowed him to bang on me anywhere, anytime."Bend over you Dirty Boy;we know you can take it!"