Sexual Abuse of Males: The SAM Model of Theory and Practice by Josef Spiegel

Consider yourself forewarned: unless you are in medical or psychology field, this book will require you to consult your dictionary at least every other page (just bookmark and be done with it). If you are willing to do that, this book is fascinating for both survivor and supporter.

My husband's therapist recommended the book and told him "I think you'll see yourself in those pages."

Boy did he ever. It freaked him out but gave me comfort. This book explains in exhaustive and extremely technical terms, the adverse effects to body and psyche from child sexual abuse in males. The book also addresses, dis-associative issues, flashbacks, hyper-arousal and a host of other issues I've seen addressed on this board.

My husband and I had been together 8 years when he disclosed and during that whole time he suffered (suffers) from gastrointestinal and sleep issues. Turns out that is EXTREMELY common in Sexually Abused Males (referred to as SAMs) in the book.

If one had the time and inclination, referenced material alone would keep you busy for decades.

This is a textbook and nothing about the writing or organization would lead you to believe otherwise. Still i found it to be compelling reading.

If you can stand the laborious pace at which you will be forced to go, and the expense (today on it's cheapest price is $66) it is worthwhile resource.

Wife of a survivor