Doing a little more research into past statements about Corey Haim's abuser, there is one who fits virtually every detail mentioned...Joel Schumacher.

"Oh, he was just dazzling. He was so good-looking and so funny and so charming. There was no way in the world that that fantastic thirteen year-old kid's life could have turned out the way that it did. There was no clue. to me. that it was ever going to happen to him and its really tragic. And I did stay in touch with him over the years and it was really like losing a family member. It's just so sad.", Joel Schumacher shortly after Corey Haim's death

The Corey's have stated Haim's abuser was in his 40's (Schumacher was 47 when Lost Boys was filmed), is a media Mogul (producer and director) and has an ongoing relationship with Feldman to this day. There are more connections and Joel Schumacher, in his own words, is a sexual outlaw.

There are a couple of blogs that have also made this conection.

A bio of Joel Schumacher:

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