I've been bodybuilding seriously since 1992, and I believe it prevented me from killing myself. It was the only thing that truly gave me self-esteem. I did it to attract girls, I did it to ward off bullies, I did it to belong to something, I did it to re gain a sense of control and power, I did it to be competitive. I've won two champion ship titles all natural no steroids. ANd I also love lifting heavy. My best in the big 3 were squat 455 x 2 315 x 20 and 200 x 50, bench press 415, deadlift 585..all at a weight of about 210. Im well respected in the bodybuilding community, I help other guys and girls prep for contests and I write a column on a bodybuilding web site. Its given me an identity that sexual abuse took away. Its been my one loyal friend. Has anyone else turned to bodybuilding, powerlifting or weight lifting to give them confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of purpose? its a beautiful endevor

"What does not kill me makes me stronger"