There are several survivor stories here at MS that relate to abuse in Hollywood.

There is graphic language in some of these stories and it could be triggering to some. So be careful if you proceed.

The first one I remember is that of Jarod, who if I remember correctly was something of an orphan in the Hollywood area and got picked up by the Hollywood kiddie porn generating industry. The following links explain his story.

His story is here:

Also there is my own story. My family moved to Lido Island during World War II. I would pass my 4th birthday in a few months. It was in Orange County, not far from Hollywood. In the neighborhood was Newport Island and Laguna Beach. The Island was much more open then but even then there were bunches of movie stars living there. Among them was John Wayne. Another one was Billy Dove, star of the silent screen. She lived right down the street. Another one, not an actor but a producer, was Leon Schlesinger the mogul of the cartoon industry. He had two grand launches in the Bay, the Looney Tunes, and the Merry Melodies.

Just down the street was a leading cartoonist, whose name I don't feel free to mention. He originated several of the favorite cartoon characters still watched today. They have been transferred to dvd medium. He had a very young son named Robert. I would guess that Leon Schlesinger had suggested he move into a house near him. (Leon Schlesinger did not participate in this activity). The cartoonist came to my mother and asked if he could watch me one day a week so that she could have the day off. She was delighted with that idea and brought me over to his house. I have reported other details in Pufferfish story part 1. I was not quite 4 year old.

Thus begin my exploitation. There were 3 other young boys who were also exploited in this way. One of them was the son of a movie star, one of them was the grandson of a producer, and one was the cartoonist's own son. I was too young to know what a movie camera was, so later when I started remembering the abusive events, I remembered it as a big black box which was pointed at the bed where the children were performing. While I was there I remember him having several gay parties with lots of naked guys whooping around. It scarred me and I hid. Then the cartoonist took me to the actual studio where they were producing cartoons. Many years later I saw this studio in a cartoon and recognized it. (note: Leon Schlesinger did not participate in these activities). My family moved to a different location in August.

I want to say that what went on there was very damaging to me. I was extremely young and extremely naive. I had no defenses whatsoever.