Hi there. As some may have seen in the Survivor Forum on this site I am about to embark on Inner Child therapy as part of my recovery from csa. The reason I am doing so is to assist with re-connecting with childhood memories, most of which Iíve completely forgotten, or if I do remember they are more like watching a movie of someone elseís life rather than experiencing memories of my own with feelings attached. This is true for any memories that I can recall from childhood, whether they be good or bad. Anyways the question I have for non-survivors here is this:

In your experience, how much if any of what I described for myself is true for you as someone who did not experience abuse in childhood? If it is not true for you I would appreciate hearing how your experience with childhood memories differs from mine.

I suppose Iím simply seeking some contrast of my experience with childhood memories with that of non-survivors, with hopes gaining a fuller personal perspective. I ask since childhood was a long time ago for many of us and in my thinking I find myself questioning whether it is unnatural in general to forget anything from far in our pasts, especially from a time when oneís mind was not fully developed to begin with. I am not looking for analysis here, just simply to learn of your experience in relation to my question so I look forward to hearing from you on this topic. Thanks in advance:) JS

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