lol its ok...I believe weight training builds self-esteem better then anything else. cardio will get those endorphins pumping and will burn off stress and depression. I think eating 6 times per day with a portion of protein and carbs and healthy fats with each. Try natural peanut butter or sunflower seed butter. Not sure what non vegetarian foods you eat? try eggs and egg whites, maybe some greek yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, black bean burgers, whey protein, eziekiel bread, etc. I would weight train 3 x a week doing legs on monday like this:

1-leg extensions 4 sets x 10
2-leg press 4 sets x 10
3-laying leg curls 4 sets x 10
4-calf raises 4 sets x 10

1-incline dumbbell presses 4 sets x 10
2-machine bench press 4 sets x 10
3-dumbbell flyes 2 sets x 10
4-machine shoulder press 3 sets x 10
5-dumbbell laterals 3 sets x 10
6-bent over dumbbell laterals 3 sets x 10
7-tricep pressdowns 3 sets x 10
8-one arm dumbbell kickbacks 2 set x 10

friday-back and biceps

1-machine pulldowns 3 sets x 10
2-one arm dumbbell rows 3 sets x 10
3-machine cable rows 3 sets x 10
4-dumbbell pullovers 2 sets x 10
5-barbell curls 3 set x 10
6-cable curls 2 sets x 10
7-two arm dumbbell hammer curls 2 sets x 10

abs you can do twice a week
crunches 4 sets x 20
leg raises 4 sets x 15

cardio 5 days a week 30 minutes..change up the intenisty and what machine you use. Hope this info helps!

"What does not kill me makes me stronger"