Once I heard how SSA is defined by this site, I started to do some google searches about SSA and every single link I turned up was some religious site and how they claim to have a cure for Single Sex Attraction (their buzzword for homosexuality).

I consider myself 'sexually disoriented', in that I don't feel any emotional attraction to men, but I enjoy being with men sexually. I'm head over heels in love with my wife, but if she ever allowed it I would enjoy the chance to engage with other men.

I know that not everyone who has such feelings is as accepting of them, and views those feelings as a 'problem' that needs 'correcting', but I was deeply insulted, even wounded to find that every time I tried to find a source of information on how to integrate those feelings into my sex life in a healthy way, all I found was a bunch of people telling me that those feelings were wrong and that I needed to be 'fixed'.

The only negativity I feel towards my own sexuality is the fear that after years of therapy I'll discover that I'm really gay and I'll have wasted even more of my wife's life than I already have. But everything I know about myself says that this is going to be a non issue.

So my question is, am I alone in my thoughts? I don't think I'm truly bisexual/gay in that I don't feel that biological attraction to men, but I enjoy having sex with them. And I feel that if I ever got to the point in my healing that I'd dealt with my issues to the point that my SSA dissapeared I think I'd feel a tremendous sense of loss, like I'd lost a part of myself.

Am I alone in this?

"Do you think God lets you plea bargain?" - Calvin & Hobbes