What happened? If it is not too painful for you to say. What type of discharge did you receive? I did Discharge Upgrades as Counsel. I now can only advise, no longer represent or make a determination.
You may also be eligible for Compensation, file with a Veterans Claims Representative, usally at the VA Hospital. They are AMVETS, American Legion, DAV, VFW,Purple Hearts. You do not have to belong, no charge at all. I find these guys to be great and protective of those of us who were done wrong. You were truly violated; no matter who or what you are, that is not exceptable for them to assault you!!! No excuses!!!!!
Now, you can help your Brothers by telling your story; filing a claim against the VA, when you win your compensation, we all here will have hope that there is justice.
I will be in your corner and you will win this fight.

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