The injustice and horror continues for many survivors of religious sexual abuse in Australia, and some whose lives have been maimed by their abuse are no longer with us.

Sex abuse led to 26 suicides, says policeman
By Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker
The Age, Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia, July 30, 2011

AS MANY as 26 Victorians have committed suicide after being abused by two notorious paedophile clergymen, according to information gathered by a senior Victorian detective.

In interviews with a university researcher, Detective Sergeant Kevin Carson of the Ballarat Crimes Investigation Unit has revealed that during his investigations into Father Gerald Risdale and Christian Brother Robert Best - which led to both being convicted - he discovered that up to 24 young men had killed themselves in the years after they were abused by one or both of the men.

Detective Carson has recently learned of two more suicides, bringing his count to 26.

A research paper prepared by lawyer Judy Courtin, a PhD candidate in law at Monash University, examining the Catholic Church and child sexual assault, says that according to Detective Carson, the information about the suicides was discovered during the course of recent investigations into Best's abuse.

There is a very well done story on the crimes that were perpetrated at this Catholic Boys Home by the Australian Broadcasting Commission.



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Everybody's been through their own hell
There's nothing too special about getting hurt
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