Hi Guys,

I have been doing research for information written for, and about, men who have been abused as adults.

As many of you who are also engaged in this endeavor, you know all to well about what isn't available.

Anywho, a book I found is:

Male on male rape: The hidden toll of stigma and shame.

Authors: Scarce, Michael, Ohio State U, Rape Education & Prevention Program, Columbus, OH, US

Source:New York, NY, US: Insight Books/Plenum Press, 1997. xxii, 311 pp.

ISBN:0-306-45627-3 (Hardcover)

I do not know anything about this book other than what is printed from the cover:

Abstract:(from the jacket) "Male on Male Rape: The Hidden Toll of Stigma and Shame" examines a form of violence that, despite worldwide prevalence, remains vastly underreported and unrecognized. Michael Scarce, coordinator of a rape education and prevention program and a survivor of adult male rape, investigates the substantial effects of male-on-male sexual violence on individuals and society, dispelling popular myths and questioning why most communities cannot or will not confront the problem of same-sex sexual violence. This book is the culmination of years of research that includes numerous interviews with straight and gay male rape survivors, and analysis of popular media, case studies, and the author's own personal and professional experience.
This book shatters the silence surrounding this form of sexual violence in US society while offering concrete initiatives and strategies for addressing the rape of men by men. It is a resource for anyone with a personal or professional interest in the prevention of rape or the healing of rape's devastating effects. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)

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Amazon link to the book:


The version on Amazon is in paperback and it costs $18.77.

Take note: This book was published in 1997. It is to be expected that it will contain some inaccuracies.

It is also important to note, that this is one of the few books on this topic published since 1997. Another book I found was published for the medical community and it costs $195.00.

Michael Scarce (the author) on Wikipedia:


I could not find a web page for Mr. Scarce, though I am certain if someone takes the time to search, an email address can be found.

As I find more materials, I will list them.

I see Daryl has listed a site I have also found (http://www.aest.org.uk/survivors/male/myths_about_male_rape.htm).

In the Research section I have found several broken/ moved/ missing links.

I want to make it clear that I have not personally read all of the material to which I may post links or other information. I am just trying to provide information to a group who has, unfortunately, been blatantly ignored, as admitted by those who have the duty (rape crisis centers) and the ability to provide services to all groups who need them.

It is also the fact that research papers are NOT written for a general audience and, as a result, the language used is blatant and clinical. Research papers are not the "how do I deal with this" type of information many seek.

If I post links or information that point to research papers, it is to show that:

1. Research is being conducted,

2. When the research is/ was conducted,

3. The names of the individual(s) involved in that research. Further investigation of the names on research papers can sometimes be a wealth of information.

My intention (as with anything and everything I do) is to help others. If not directly, than through information that might give others what they are seeking.

For any who have bothered to read this far, I hope some of this helps.


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