I read this the other night when a friend here sent me a link that led me to the Male Survivor news feed on facebook. I was not aware that even existed and it had a lot of articles posted there and I found some that were specifically for ASA. If you search for it there you must put the two words together without a space.

I have been reading war time articles like this since they often pop up when I am doing internet searches. It is heart breaking to read what these men have gone through and what they continue to endure in their countries. The attacks are violent and ruthless but the reactions of those around them must hurt even more. That all these men often mean to their families is some type of role and not for the person that they are inside. To appear weak or vulnerable is a reason to cast them aside like a lame horse who cannot carry the expected burden.

There is a lot in here that coincides with the fears of an adult male who has been raped. Even if not in wartime we can all identify with the fears of being seen in a similar light - as less than a real man.

One thing I can really identify with is that last quotation - "as a passing reference". Whenever I find something specifically geared for a male who was assaulted as an adult my attention is glued to it. These of course are the articles and pamphlets I have run across or others have been kind enough to share here. A reason why I search for programs that do not merely "include" me in some way but actually identify themselves as offering something specifically for a man who has been in my situation.

Who truly wants to have to identify with a "passing reference" with anything in life?


Broad statements often miss their true mark.