I've been reading several posts of late which refer to being cured. Is that really possible??? I think not, well at least not for me..I've read the books professing curing patients, but i've met quite a few people at this site and i find very few that i would ever give the definition of cured to.....maybe Lloydy and Brian.....but few others....In fact, i'm not certain they are cured, but have reached a position in recovery where they see things in the big picture and are able to put the abuse in perspective in their lives...Many people i've met here have been in therapy for quite awhile and still feel the effects of the abuse to varying degrees...Maybe therapy helps, but I really question whether it will ever really change my life...After spending another sleepless night, i really have to wonder if the pain of facing the abuse really has any benefit or if it is just feeling sorry for myself..CURE????????? Does anybody here really feel cured????????? michael