Heart palpitations, the lack of contentment, being uneasy in social environments, insomnia and feeling exhausted when waking and can be attributed to an emotional condition that has presented itself through fatigue.
Commit to calming exercises, relaxation techniques such as 2X4 breathing and calming visualizations. With these several times a day for several days revisit the symptoms. As they come up, sit quietly, undisturbed with them, and passively try to put words to the feelings. Angry, sad, and fearful, I do not want to lead you, but these are some definitions for emotional distress in our thoughts and feelings.
After identifying some, or even one, of the words associated with the symptoms, reward yourself with the calming exercises, until you feel refreshed and out from under the control of the feelings. Repeat this for a week or two until the feelings have phrases, even identifying the cause of the feelings.
For a few moments a day, think about what those feelings and words may mean to you, something in your past, or perhaps a worry, an anxiety in your future. Make sure there is a specific start time, and an unchangeable stop time.
During the day, when the feelings come up, mentally stop the thoughts and make sure you address those anxieties and regrets during your specific time. At night, become rigid and consistent in doing this as well, telling yourself that you have a time to consider those disquieting thoughts, and then make sure you do. Again, refresh yourself with calming visualizations of nature, and calming breathing techniques until you fall asleep. This will take time to build up, as the anxiety has been building, so the relief will need to become prominent.
Emotional disorders have their own timeline, it is not solely a cognitive process, but a subconscious release that has discoveries, breakthroughs, acting out, coping mechanisms, recovery and other processes. The encouragement is in the relief that one can attain while going through the stages of taking back our minds and feelings.
I would encourage an intake visit with a therapist after a week or two with this technique, and the thoughts that you write down about what you are experiencing. A therapist will help you discern if you have an emotional issue, and can work with your doctor with the physical issues.

Peace and care, keep healing,

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014