Have you ever had those days
When lines written differently
Left you feeling abandoned, alone
Perched on strands of speculations
Envisioning skies in peculiar ways?

Itís not that I want these thoughts
Which apparently I share only with me.
I long to think differently - the same -
With views that match the ordinary,
Finding my place in line with the flock.

Separated from the group has been for me a life-long way of living. I just see things differently. Not like Iíd wish Ė like a brilliant thinker such as Columbus who, after watching the sails sink in the horizon thought, ďHmm, I think everyone else on the planet is wrong. The world isnít flat! And if I were to sailÖ..Ē Now that was brave and out of the box thinking.

I could only wish to have a mind like that. No, Iím talking about skewed thinking where, when I look at something, I know I see it through the eyes of a man who was raped. Everything filters within a kaleidoscope chamber which continually changes the symmetrical form of what Iím viewing. I have to stop myself from reacting to the visions formed through broken bits of memories. Try to refocus, rethink and accept the ordinary, for the ordinary is often what we refer to as normal. (Sigh)

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Balanced (My goal)

There is symmetry
In self-reflection
Life exemplified
Grace personified