this isnt going to make me very popular, but i think the figures for sexually abused children are really screwed up. I dont think it is possible to take an accurate census on how many children are abused, because there is both a bias on our side for, (not intentionally) presenting data in a way that will garner support and recognition, an extreme familiel, and societal pressure to keep abused children from reporting, as it is occuring and as adults as well. This is complicated by the fact of merely taking a survey about sexual abuse is likely to only draw those who have been abused, as other people would feel very uncomfortable, regardless of objective observation, discussing such a societal taboo. The pervading attitude in society is the ostridge aproach, if i dont see it, it isnt there. There is also a bias towards major metropolitan areas, as most rural and small towns have not had significant progress in even acknowledging such a thing exists.

Even so, id estimate abused males somewhere between 1 in 10 to 1 in 20. You dont have to be abused to live in a dysfunctional family, i suspect physical abuse would run much higher, and id say the majority of american families are severely dysfunctional.

But think about it for a minute. Even if its 1 in a 100, or 1 in a thousand, thats UNACCEPTABLE!!! That means that over a million men have been raped as children! That is a huge figure, it boggles the mind at its enormity. I might be able to sleep at night if that figure was 1 in every hundred thousand, or 1 in every million, but its not, and there is no way to deny that. I dont to justify scientifically why incest is contrary to the natural order, i dont know why i know rape is wrong, i just do. i know it the way i know that hiroshima was wrong, the way i know the holocaust was wrong. One is too many, and damn it its the fucking TRUTH!