I didn't read the attachment, couldn't is a better word, stuff like that is like self-inflicted pain. Then I get to thinking how if only I had seen a public place to go to 30 years ago.

All we really need is a initial contact and referral, office or a building with a person who has collected local, national and online info-literature; resources are there, we found them the hard way.
Hotlines and crisis centers have always been in the public or phone book but I never contacted them because it was all women/childern orientated. I was envious of that. I knew inside I needed help, I just never had a place to go.
I would love to hang a shingle and provide referral to male survivors and especially educating non-victims how to survive abductions and common issues and conditions of post-sexual assault trauma.
Over the past two years I have met many silent victims via talking to non-victims.
We found each other here on the web, if we had a street level organization the support would be there.
Heck, I started a thirty year career with two stain brushes and a antique restoration shop on $550.00.
We're just going to have to do it ourselves.
I met a guy in Texas in 1999 named Mark Houston, he lived in his car and was trying to stay sober in NA/AA and was good at speaking and had a strong message, started doing circuit speaking and always wanted to open a center. In 2004 he did just that, he went and opened The Mark Houston Recovery Center. He passed away in Feb 2010 and his center is a success.
Two drunks, Bill and Bob wrote 12 Steps into a 90 million plus copies sold book/membership. And Donna Norris started the Amber Alert.
Here in Tuolumne and Sonora I go to the Womens Center For A Non-Violent Community, thats the name of the place here for us men--Robin G is a living angel with limited M/M survivorship knowledge but we connected, she calls me a coleague now. I'm the only male visiter, all women and children.
She loved it when I told her about this site-but she knows she is lacking in resources for men, she's a great LCSW and went to bat for me many times.
It's not the professionals fault they don't know what to do with us-most men are unable or unwilling to discuss the trauma--we don't even understand ourselves too well-but put two male survivors together and we trust the environment. I never trusted, I can see/hear/smell inexperience on a therapist now in five minutes.
I bet if most men had knowledgable mental health care for sexual trauma we would not have prolonged issues. Poor MH care made me more instable and getting thru that with daily anguish, I had some anger over that and would go berzerk.
We are the pioneers of this crusade, it took women about a hundred years to get to where they are now.
Now it's our turn and it's getting done. We got our plight in the media and here on the web, now we need to take it to the street.
No piggyback rides, we need our own serivces. We have a lot to offer in society.
Daryl, Thanks for posting this, now I'm motivated again.

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