Well gentlemen, for those of you who remember, I was posting a while back and assisted Muldoon in writing his letter to Editor. Since that point, I have experienced a major setback complete with nightmares, recurring images, new images, lack of sleep and major bouts of despair/depression. It was a tough slog the last while, especially through the Xmas season, but I made it and yesterday had a great session with my counselor and a good chat with a friend of mine who is a recovering alcoholic. Between the two, I have regained my faith in the future. My therapist provided me with some coping skills for the nightmares / images (which I will share in a later post) and my buddy reminded me of the good that is in each and everyone of us.

Many thanks to Muldoon for his support during this ordeal. Below are his words and they have kept me going this last week:

“On the positive side I know that our letter made a big difference to a few people. IT MOVED MEN TO HEALING. God will remember the good you did”.

Glad to be back on the road to recovery,