We all do what we're comfortable with to take on, this isn't for everyone and isn't a necessity for healing from trauma. In my situation I didn't do this until I'd been in therapy for my CSA for a long time, I had a decent support system in place and I approached it with a plan and safely.

Also, I never actually went back into that particular house or the rooms where the abuse happened because it wasn't available for me to do so, other people owned the house then. I do think I could have though, but I'm sure it would have been uncomfortable and anxiety producing to be there; my pulse quickens and I feel a bit light headed now thinking about it. I'm OK though and can cope with these feelings today. I'm sort of grateful for the feelings too because they still give witness to the impact of what happened to me.

On strength, I think you have plenty of it and bravery too, like Daryl and the others here. It's no small feat to face what has happened to us and it's important to remember that we do so in stages and not all at once. We cross those bridges as we can and the journey is different for each of us.

I wish you well on yours and am very grateful for your sharing here.