Keith, You are Proof that it does get better!

Thank you composing this thread.
You are an Inspiration to me and dare I say many or most of us here!

If I could give you a safe Hug, I would.

Thank you for sharing your strength and hope with us. It is Contagious. I love the idea of getting out spreading the wealth of healing and envisioning all of those that have collectively contributed and continue to do so. Those that show us everyday immense courage by continuing to fight and standup and speak up about the horrors that we all know too well, even in the face of personal strife and great pain.

Your are right! All we have to do is look around us, right here at MS and see the commitment that so many share to get better and to heal from the atrocities committed against us and such displays of bravery from refusals to give up!!!

Thank You for pointing out this amazing feat by these very courageous men to be will to face and talk about some very difficult and painful topics.

I myself have never thought of myself as courageous. Just the opposite in fact.
You pointing this out in others allows me to see it as well in them and in myself and gives me a tremendous boost of confidence by acknowledging such truths.

Your moral prose about your son and his friend give me great hope for the future and instills such pride!

I am honored to know such a good man as yourself, Keith and Proud to be in your company.


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