Each week you can watch really good new guys like Static, Anthony, Hopfulone, R.M., and Mike climb through the early roughest part of recovery and simply stare down the monsters that lived in us all. Guys, it is hard, it hurts, and I swear it does get better.

It gets better because every day there are a group of really good men here to try and talk us all off the ledges we all stood on at some point in recovery.

It gets better because if you watch and listen you see young men like Whiskers and Redsox046 refuse here and now to let their lives be defined by CSA.

This week men I never heard of before like Sunshine and Logan showed it gets better because they spoke up and said they were not about to settle for anything less than being at peace and being happy.

It gets better because if you listen you realize this is a community full of very good sons, brothers, uncles, fathers, grandfathers, friends, and spouses who have been willing to live with pain and still have positive impact on everyone they touch in life.

It gets better when you realize what a collectively gifted & caring group of people we are here at MS despite our wounds and scars.

It gets better when we each remember we were good kids. It gets better when you look in the mirror and realize we are very good men.

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"You can get far in life by pushing except through a door marked PULL...." Profile quote in my son's senior year HS Yearbook.