hello men:

i am learning about something that may be helpful to a number of us survivors. it is an illness called "sexual anorexia". i believe i suffer from it.

i am no expert but what i have learned so far is that a man/woman with the illness will compulsively avoid being intimate or having sex with a partner.

it is like being a food anorexic except the avoidance is not of food but of intimacy and sex.

i have shared this before but, i was emotionally incested by my mother for some 35 years, i am 40 now. and, abandoned by my addict father.

in my life i have never been able to be deeply intimate or have sex with a partner.

i am a virgin as a result of the wounds i still carry with me today.

coming across this illness has given me hope for the time being. it is nice to be able to name what i suffer from. God willing, learning more about it and how if affects me will make healing possible.

well, i hope this helps some of you. sincerely,

bec \:\)