I'll add my voice to this growing list of guys in response.
I have always liked guys. Always. Am I gay? i'd like to say that I enjoy relationships with men in all aspects, including sexual. if that makes me "gay" then so be it. I lable myself "Bi" because I can enjoy sex with either sex, male or female.

Be that as it may, i was also one of the So. Baptist kids who was scared to death about death and hell and sin. God had been this Big Bad guy who was condemning of everything. Well, now in my late 50's Im having a crisis in my "religious" walk, and it isn't working for me anymore.

I go to church, listen to the same rhetoric about how God hates sin (and apparently me cause I am Bi)and walk away from it feeling more and more condemned than when I began a Christian walk.

So I'm leaving the faith. I'll continue to take my wife cause she enjoys it. It is all she has ever known of life. But i myself am just the tranportation.

As to the question. "Can one be gay and be a survivor?"

Absolutely! I'm one and I don't doubt there are millions of others. And, btw, God loves us ALL.

just my 2cents.