not bloody likely im afraid.

the church actually starting cracking down on saints, people were going saint crazy. Everybody wanted to be cannonized. (is that the right word?)

I think we should come to an understanding on this board. Nobody should be persecuted for thier beliefs here as long as we are not bashing each other over our heads here. Remember, even if we believe that some of the people on this board philosphies support attitudes we dont agree with, may even feel indirectely support pedophilia or male rape, they are human beings, and have been through enough. Lets come to a gentlemens conscensus, if you those of us are religious try to be sensitive to those of us who arent, then we will do the same. Lets try to repect the fact that any of us dont want to hear the words, god bless you, and others dont want to have to defend there beliefs in the face of our anger with the institutions they support. It is the least we can do to each other, as survivors and human beings. I know i have been guilty of it, but here isnt the place.