It does get have to believe in that basic thought.

That is what I have learned so far from all of you here and from all in my life outside of MS.

It is too easy to let the pain of the past freeze us in a bad place. Maybe it is harder to reject that instinct and believe we can heal. But we can heal.

Ok so life is so unfair. Planes crash, people we love get sick, our hearts get hurt in love, and as much we can not understand it and hate it, kids gets abused. God that is so hard to accept....even today kids get abused.

That all confuses me and yes depresses me some days...but it still gets better because I won't give in to it and I will try every day here and every day at MS to help someone out.

I'm no smarter than any here, I am no more fortunate than you all, I am no better at this then you each. But it still gets better because I won't accept it can not.

You have taught me that CSA is a great equalizer in life.....ok a bad equalizer in life. There is no room for bias or bigotry here. It is not about sexual orientation, skin, wealth, or college degrees. Faith may help some but plenty don't need it. You can learn from men in their 20's and learn from men in their 70's. Giving respect and getting respect counts. What you learn is that it does get better.

If you need a role model just look around us. We may all connect differently but just look around for proof it gets better.

I look to men like Harris, Pete, Kris, and Billy who are fathers so committed to making sure their hurt does not limit their ability to be awesome fathers and husbands. You men are all that and you are good sponsors to many here.

I look to men like Travis, Jimmy, Alex and Cameron who have the balls to take this crap on early so you can leave it behind and enjoy life. You are good men...we are all proud of you.

I look to men like Jamie & Bob who are so brutally honest in their swat team approach to wellness.

I look to men like Todd, Jay, Andy, Daryl, MJ, Matt, and Sam who quietly grab many of us on our way in and keep working on this despite their own pain.

I look into the eyes of a 19 year old who is far and away a better man than me. I watched him shrug off the pain of a 50 stitch surgical wound. I watched him define what being a big brother is. I watched him stand up at 10 and every year since for his best pal who lost his dad at the World Trade Center. Even though these days I can only look in his eyes in his picture in my office I can smile knowing and believing it gets better because some how despite my CSA shit he really truly is a good man I do not just love, but respect.

It gets better by helping the next man who joins here. It gets better by getting out of your home and helping someone in your community.

It gets better by believing it can get better.

It does get better...

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