Hello Expom, my Australian brother;
I am not sure which latest research you mean; is it 2007 or 2008 studies etc? You don't cite your research so how can anyone say whether you got it wrong? How credible is the research design and how many participants, who conducted it and so on. I merely said the receptive partner is at greater risk and I don't think any reasonable person can say otherwise and be serious. My point is as I originally posted. Assume everyone is a risk and make your own decision. We can get differing opinions and conclusions but there are inherent problems with research because of flaws for a host of reasons. I do not quote or cite a source. Perhaps I should clarify, it is my opinion based on what I call some common sense. This can be debated for an eternity and it will be left to individual conclusions and choices after all is said and done.

I will go a step further in my response and offer two links from a respected HIV resource if anyone wants to read more.


Then there is this quoted excerpt followed by the link. The estimated per-act risk for unprotected insertive anal sex with a partner confirmed to be HIV positive is 6.5 per 10,000 exposures.


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