Danbuff and Shybear - May I question if you are quoting the latest research in your assertion that it is the catamite (receiver) who is at greater risk?

I was under the impression that the latest research coming from Sub-Saharan Africa is that the [word deleted] (inserter)is at higher risk. And the more so if he is NOT circumcised.

Recent work has shown that un-cut men are far mor likely to contract HIV/AIDS than circumcised men and that there is also a correlation in the size of the surface area of the foreskin and the risk of acquiring body-positive status. The larger the foreskin (using defined means of measuring this)the greater the chance of acquiring the virus.

Blaith, as to both parties going to get tested at the same time; this is commendable but it is also worth noting the sero-conversion time delay. If going down this route then best practice would be honest continuing monogomy, first test, continue with safe sex then second test 3 months later before any thought of bareback activity.

Please correct me if I have gotten the research wrong.


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