Hi, my fraternal brother,

First welcome to MS. Here you will receive compassion, understanding & love, from your brothers (fraternal) & friends in pain.

We all have been there. We have been into the depths of our soul & hell too.

I will go along with you that we can be gay and a survivor. I applaud your out look on being gay. And that person that we call God or whatever really loves us.

So, my gay fraternal brother, survivedwithlife heal well.

" will take that lost boys hand, and i will lead him from the depths of darkness, into the sunlight. forever into eternity." As he is me.


Working Boys' Home 10-14 yrs old, grades 5-8. 1949-1953
A very humble alumni of the WOR Dahlonega, GA.
May 15-17 2009, Alta, Sep. 2009. Sequoia, 2010.
Hope Springs, 2010.