it took me two years after coming forword with the truth about the abuse that i came to the concludion that yes one can be gay and be a surivor of sexul abuse. in 2005 when i came forword i was so confused about me being gay or liking men/guys becouse of the abuse. my faith or as most people see it as there religion had alot to do with what i was thinking within the two years. Im not gay! its a sin! that what i would tell myself. o you confused the church would say. trying to cast out demens out of me. the truth is, i was leting what i was rased up in deside for me that i was not gay and that god doesn't make gay people. it took a loving parshle care program to tell me that its ok to be gay and it what i realy thought about me and not my belivfs. now god my not of intened there to be gay people but he loves everyone and that inclueds gays too. so ive been a poud gay christian since 2007. ive larned that the church is made up of man and that it doesn't matter what they think of me. God love me a much as he did when he created me 20 some years ago. i want you to know that yes you can be gay and be sexuly abuse. being abuse doesn't change who you where born liking. it just makes it harder to sort out. but those that are suggleing remeaber god or who ever you believe in and mybe that might be yourself. They love you and so do i. give it some time like i did and your see the true you. i hope that this has helped those that are still confused out there sexulty.

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