Friday the 13th, May 1983; the day of separation on my divorce papers. I never forgot the day because I told folks I was married on Valentine's Day and divorced on Friday the thirteenth.
I left work and began moving my cars/trucks/possessions by driving the vehicles full of stuff the mile to my cottage on Hwy 9 in Felton Ca. Then I'd walk back for another load with my nine month old daughter on my shoulders.
At about 9:00 PM I was done. I put my daughter down on a matteress on the floor. I was mentally shot and emotionally hurting.
This was six years after the hostage, rape and torture I survived
and the untreated post-sexual assault trauma was wrecking havoc on my life. The pre-sexual anxiety and flashbasks during sex ruined my ability, and was a major factor in the divorce.
So on May 13th 1983 @9:00 PM I started to drink and smoke weed to handle the pain.. I was mad .
I was in anguish on the floor cussing God for letting that man get me and mess up my sexuality. I recall standing and raging at God then I went to bed.
On July 6th 2007 I finally told someone what happened, for nine months I was very psychotic/neurotic and even experiencing psychosomatic "body memories" of the torture. It was like being there reliving the abduction in vivid reality.
On April 8th-12th 2008 I found the man who took me to breakfast like I was his date and then let me go.
I read his history and the night he was caught with a dead victim in his car on a routeen traffic stop at 1:00 AM May 14th 1983: four hours after I got done conversing with God.

Doug>ASA Survivor (1x)
ECV 6001/MaTuCa Chapter 1849
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