I have a condition called sleep apnea, it is severe, at my most recent sleep study, I stopped breathing 62 times in about 5 hours. while dreaming, I see and speak to friends, family, and strangers,who have passed on, for brief moments, the last time this happened, I saw an angel, watching me going back into my body, he smiled at me, and I knodded at him as I passed him. I have seen one friend many times, the last time, he was with some friends, whom I have never met or known, he was leading them into a small house, which I assume, is where he now lives, he picked up his cat, and they were heading into the house, when his friend saw me materializing, and he said," Bob, their's an outside entity out here" to which Bob replied " well leave the outside entity outside, and come in the house" I believe in God, I have NO DOUBTS ABOUT IT! This is only one of many such [visits to the afterlife] dreams.