A year ago I would have found this very bothersome and frightening. While I am not going around telling people right and left I am also not living in the shadows either. If it were to be found out then so be it. I find my defenses are down more and I am more open to the possibility of a dialogue concerning my assault. Of course this is in my head and not yet come about yet.

I admire how you are dealing with this and the normal rections anyone would have. I also agree with Peter in that those who would react negatively are not worth the breath to even let out a good sigh. If I cannot simply tell my story and let that be enough then I see no point. I used to think I had to justify that I was raped in some way to make sure that it did not seem like I wanted it or was a willing part of it in some way. I do not feel that compulsion anymore.

You are a man of great character and you are handling this in an amazing way. If MS is like one big boat and we each have an oar to dip into the water for one another's recovery then I am glad you are one of my mates here.


Broad statements often miss their true mark.