The battle begins each time the scepter of rejection dangles as a honed blade awaiting its destiny. My neck now stretched taught - knowing Ė not knowing what others know or donít. Iíve been inadvertently outed as a rape victim by the dearest of friends. No harm meant just a consequence of friendships, in the know, crossing over the borders of other friendships kept in the dark. As a result there is a blending of information creating a stew of which I no longer control all the added ingredients.

I can smell the aroma of this brew now coming to a simmer. At the moment it is faint barely noticeable to any except one other and myself. What concerns me is that I donít know who will sip from the pan. Iím no longer able to be a witness to their facial expressions as the spoon of my history passes their lips. Will a silence heard by me from a friend I had chosen to keep in the dark, be a loud rejection of me? Or simply, they are busy with their lives and havenít gotten back to me? It could be either and the sour taste for me - is Iíll not know which.

Iím not sorry that these friendships crossed each other for my friends are people I care about and in the end Iíll have to trust that they care about me. If my history carries a rank odor for some Iíll have to accept their abilities or lack of abilities to work through this putrid mix. The reason I took a moment to write and post is that we each, me included, need to be careful, for our comfort zones may not match the comfort of our brothers.

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Balanced (My goal)

There is symmetry
In self-reflection
Life exemplified
Grace personified