and for me this has worked for me otherwise i would not even bring it up . my hope is not to offend or set off a war but just bring what worked for me to the table that is all nothing more nothing less .

thank you

this is really simply guys Sin is Sin all i see is justification here.

all you need to do to get the answers you seek "sense this is in the spirituality section" is go to the scripture .
if you believe this is the word of God than he will reveal it to you through the spirit . or through some one who will not make the scripture fit a certain way just so you can go on justifying sin .

i no i will be the unpopular one here for being brutally honest but if you want to live your life for Christ and not for self or self gratification and you are in Christ Jesus and he in you
i believe he would reveal this to you. but in our sinful nature we want there to be justification and compromise but anyway you slice this pie

there is no compromise with sin .

it is what it is

just because it does not mention this in the scripture does not mean it is not sin .

this is honestly quite easy are you thinking about Jesus or anything holy for that matter while you masturbating ?
i highly doubt it .
here let me lend a few scriptures

1st Corinth 6:18-20

1 Corinth

1st peter
1 :13-15

Gal 5

there will be plenty of post about people who do not believe in God or the bible or what ever . so let me say this if you do not believe that is cool with me The God i believe in gives me free will so why would i not extend that same courtesy to you .

but if you call yourself a Christian and say that masturbation is not a sin than i ask that you examine yourself and ask God to reveal the scripture to you
test yourself and put yourself up against the scripture not what you want to hear from man.

i struggled with porn and masturbation for over 9 yrs and he has delivered me from this sin and i can honestly say it was the word of God that convicted me through the scriptures in a video i watched the word came alive and cut me like a double edged sword that it is "the word of God"

this is that video

i justified it i struggled with it i cried over it i hated myself because of it because it separated me from my God and i wanted so desperately to be closer to my God it got to the point where i wanted to be closer to God rather than my sin of masturbation .

here is a couple of other good links

now the only thing that might be easy to take wrong in the way he presents this is that if you are caught in your sin you might not be a true christian .because this is not true

because as long as God is dealing with you and convicting you and you are honest with God and yourself and are struggling to overcome than yes you are a true christian

no man can ? your salvation . but a true christian can not just except sin in his or her life and that just be it .

there has to renewing of the mind at work it might take yrs to overcome if you are working this thing you will overcome at some point.

other than that the teaching is sound just do take this video to the point were you doubt you are a true christian because you are sinning because ALL of us sin and will sin and all fall short . but we should always be striving for that higher calling that is in Christ Jesus.

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