confused. i read stuff here about whats the cutoff age for kid vs adult and i dont get it lol i mean when i was 15 before shit went down i felt more like an adult then a kid even though people treated me more like a kid, but then after it happened i felt more like a kid and less like an adult, and I guess one reason that I blame MYSELF is cuz before it happened I wanted so so so sooooooo bad to be treated like an adult. then I was. and it fuckin sucked. Sometimes i can say i was just stupid and clueless then other times I can say i knew Xactly what was going on. SO guess im saying at 15 i knew some shit, not everything but some about girls and sex and all that, least I thought i knew about stuff, then after it was like I didnt know anything anymore. I dont know. IT all confused the hell outta me and it changed me bigtime everything was different after that. Feel like a big dummy saying this here.