There are also many who have HIV and don't even know it. That is why getting tested is so important... In the gay community there are guys who hook up and don't even ask the question about each others status. There is this fascination with unprotected sex. It is easy to judge and wonder how they could do it.

I believe in the attitude that when you have sex with someone, you are also having sex with everyone that has come before you.

There are a lot of grey areas when the unprotected sex is consensual, especially if it is a one night stand situation. If you are having unprotected sex in a casual sex situation, I have always wondered how can you know for a fact that you are negative? or trust someone who says they are negative knowing that they have unprotected sex...

Honestly a lot of guys don't care and even some guys want HIV.

I am not saying that someone who is HIV+ shouldn't tell their status. I am just saying a lot is involved. Now if someone lies about their status, I believe that is wrong.

Trust and communication is very important. So many guys are putting themselves at risk for various reasons. They need understanding and compassion!