I've been reading a lot about these scanners the last couple weeks. People reluctantly use these virtual strip seach machines to get on with their flight. Various websites are abuzz about how these machines can show great details of anatomy, including whether one is circumcised.

Two pilots unions are balking at the machines, stating they should not have to be subjected to being irradiated and ogled every day just to report for work. I for one don't blame them. For those who opt out of the scanner, they are subjected to a thorough touching-and-groping session amounting to sexual assault - a major complaint by pilots and patrons alike. One pilot felt so molested by the TSA, that he vomited in his driveway before heading to work at the very thought of being molested again by the TSA.

I already don't fly because I'd just rather drive. This severe invasion of privacy and sexual abuse is another reason for me to enjoy the countryside on my trips.

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