Hi all --

I'm new to this board, and am relatively at the beginning of my journey in dealing with my past and sexual abuse.

I don't know any statistics, but I do feel a bit like an oddball in regards to my sexual identify issues, even among men with a history of abuse. Just about everything that I'm reading concerns itself with "acting out," whether drugs or sexual compulsion or sex addiction and the like.

My problem is the opposite. I've been largely impotent ever since the abuse (which started when I was around 6 years old and ended right around puberty). I never had a "normal" development in terms of my sexual functioning -- I basically repressed any sexual feeling throughout my teen years -- and I still "shut down" when arousal happens (I'm now 40). It's not a medical problem, as I generally function OK when alone. It's that I just don't really enjoy it, and can't receive any kind of pleasure, by myself or otherwise.

So my question is, does anyone know of any good literature, in any form, where I can go to start? I really have no idea what to read or any information sources that deal specifically with the link, if any, between impotency and a past of abuse. Again, everything seems to deal with sexual addiction and similar issues.

Thank you very much.

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