In NOMSV's efforts to respond to the crisis generated by revelations of priests' abuse of boys, we have spoken to many representatives of the media. We expect to get wide exposure this week on NBC when the Bishops Conference convenes in Dallas. NBC has interviewed me and Mark Crawford, a Board member who was abused by a priest. Various parts of the interviews should run on Wednesday and Thursday of this week (June 12 and 13) as lead-ins to their coverage of the Dallas conference, which starts on Thursday. The interviews will be on a number of NBC news programs, possibly including morning, noon and evening news. I have no way of knowing ahead of time which stations will air them at which times in which markets. They also expect to run pieces of the interviews through the weekend interspersed with actual coverage of the Bishops conference.

I am particularly gratified that this coverage has been offered, since in my view the media has mostly focused on the effect that the scandal has had on the Church and the priests, but little has been said in depth about its effect on the abused boys.

If you have a chance, I invite you to look at NBC's coverage to see more about what NOMSV is about, and what my own thinking on the subject has been.

Thanks to all

Richard Gartner
NOMSV President