You know how it goes - when you are looking for similar things to identify with. I think all of us go through that - especially at the beginning of recovery. What I kind of hate is I am still looking for it. I would have hoped by now I would be beyond that and just reading to learn. But I still look for identifying markers in things I read. Words and statements that I can embrace for myself - a man who was assaulted as an adult.

I saw a bit of this once but not the whole thing. I did not post the link since it is a bit intense as it leads up to what occurs off camera - but even that is not on the video. There is a gap between the lead up and when he is discovered. It does not show anything graphic but is still powerful. But to me it is an amazing illustration, even as a snap shot, of a man about to be assaulted and a glimpse of the aftermath. I found the identification - that someone had put this together -gratifying as well as the revulsion I naturally felt. It did not bring up overwhelming feelings but did help me to put some things a bit in perspective from the night of my asssault.

If you want to view the video it is on youtube under "The Bill - Mickey gets raped". If you look up the show on the internet you will see that the character is a cop who is very sympathetic to victims of crimes. I don't know if they ever did anything else with the storyline but it would have been interesting to see the natural rejection of support for himself that he offered others.

Anyway, wanted to share this with you. Again, it can be triggering.

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