I have not been able to re-address this post since I put it here. I am glad I got this out and I am sick to my stomach knowing it is out here.

Anyway.. Daryl,

Yes you and I have spoken about your work, I will say with most certainly that you my friend are one of the few exceptions. Not every individual is out to hurt someone, but most of them are simply there for a paycheck.

Even most of the staff doctors and therapists only show up to do their jobs out of necessecity and not genuine caring. I know this is not the case with everyone, only the ones Iíve had the pleasure of knowing, yes, that was sarcastic.

Commodoties? Arenít commodities valuable, in demand and worth something? I would say they only see the men as numbers and dare I say, objects.

My father has been out of the picture for many years.

Unfortunately he left me with a legacy of bad memories and confusion.

I am glad my sharing of memories and experiences is helping in some way.