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There are good examples of narcissists in the TV shows.

By the way, a narcissist is someone who loves themself. They usually make themself look good because they love their own appearance.

In contrast, a sociopath doesn't think they have to look that good. They don't think they need to.

OK So here are some examples of narcissistic women on the tube:

In the show: Everybody Loves Raymond, the mother (Marie, or Raymond's mother) is pretty narcissistic. She never really understands Raymond or the other son (Robert), or her husband or anybody else. All her comments really redirect attention to herself and to make herself look good. Imagine! Some people really do have mothers like that.

The other one who stands out in my mind now is the mother (Evelyn) of Alan and Charlie Harper in the show Two and a Half Men. She is very narcissistic. She really never cares about anybody but herself. She can be very cruel in her conversational ploys. She makes herself look good. She is promiscuous. She was a bad mother. She was not nurturing.


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