Reading what Marley posted yesterday had me thinking on something that I have been pondering for a long time now. Years ago an initiative rang out concerning women's health issues. A rally call was sent out and answered about research and services concerning the health concerns of females here in our country. It was felt that this was under represented and funded here.

Now - what about the sexual abuse issues of men? Do we not see that there are so many dimensions to male sexual abuse that have not even been scratched yet? Or if they have scratched a bit then that is looked at like they have been addressed?

Marley's writings, along with so many other's here, show that there is more to look at and I hope that one day this will happen. So many dimensions to adult male sexual abuse, as with CSA, for them to study and look at. Rather than quote some stats get downt to the real business of adult men who have been assaulted.

I wish I could say I was hopeful but I am not. At least not in my country. I say that without bitterness, at least today, but just matter of fact. But after the elections this year are done in my state I do believe I will take a few trips to OKC. Through my work I have met some who are in office now and I am willing to see if they will listen to me.

I can't keep griping if I don't at least try, eh?


Broad statements often miss their true mark.