The time that I worked in a halfway house was a truly rewarding time. I still look back on those guys and wonder where they are now and what kind of lives they have now. I bonded with several and I learned a lot from them. I hated the folks I worked for - it was a money pit to them and the guys were just property. I often argued in meetings with the others there and was an odd duck to them. I was glad since I did not like them or how they treated some of the guys. I saw corruption in there that turned my stomach. I could not prove anything but knew it was happening. After I quit I did report them to the state.

I know it is hard to apply what I said to yourself. We all struggle with that. We can give to another but not so easily to ourselves. But if we wait for the world to say what we need we may never get it. So we have to do it for ourselves. Being incarcerated has nothing to do with whether someone is a victim or not. It is a circumstance someone has been placed in that makes it far easier for an assualt to take place.

Even if someone is guilty of a crime does not mean that they deserve to be raped. And I agree that there are men and women serving sentences that do not deserve to be there. Our justice system is far, far from perfection. I do not have the greates to faith in it myself. And I would say it is more than a handful who should not be in prison. And many more who should be who got away with their crimes.

Take it easy on yourself.


Broad statements often miss their true mark.