Hi All you guys

Could not remember my old log on so here under my new log on.
Just letting you guys know were we are at today. I did take my son out of bording school in the end as the T was correct. He did not feel safe wen he showered nothing happened he just did not feel safe.

He has been Homeschooled for a year and a half now and is going well took his sister out of school as well and that is also going well.

After studying this site and reading what was happening and how people coped with this alot of what was said made me think of my husband's actions towards me and I asked him if he was ever abused he denied it at first but yes he was abused as well. Just asked me not to ever tell his mother he has never been in therapy but I think that he has stood with me and my son through all of this because he has been there himself.

Thanks again