Since this forum was put in place it has had an affect on me. First, advocating for myself is not an easy thing for me. The people in my life do not know the struggle I have with it. But it is only now getting some better. No, a lot better.

When I, along with others, voiced a desire for this I was not only doing it for others but for me as well. And that is something new. I was proud that not only was I asking for something that I felt they deserved but also for what I felt I deserved. And I did not feel guilty or selfish for it.

The second thing is since this forum came up I have felt a little more settled inside. I guess I felt so validated by this forum that it has strengthened me. It is hard to put into words the wheels that it has set in motion for me inside in dealing with my issues.

I am so grateful for this new forum and for those who write here. I have been treated well here and have met so many amazing men. But in all honesty it was a struggle to feel I belonged here - and that was my own stuff and no one else's doing. And I found my place here among all of you.

But with the creation of this forum I felt a place had been made for me.

To me this forum will be a beacon to ASA men who travel through here and they will see it. And they will not have to wonder and struggle as to whether they belong here. They will not need kind hearted men to try to talk them into staying and convince them that they have a place here. They will see it right off and know it for themselves.

That is what this forum has done for me so far. And I thank this site for making it a reality.


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