The most successful therapy I ever had was with my last therapist. He helped me on many levels. I see that for the first time in all the years of on and off again therapy I was finally honest with a therapist and myself.

One thing that he had me do was tell my story from a different view. I had such loathing and blame for myself being that I was 29 when I was raped. I told him of this site, he had been here before me, and how I could not see blame for others and their abuse. He asked what the difference was I honestly said I was a grown man.

He then had me do my story from the third person. I had to give the character a name and identity. Then write out my story from that view point. It helped me to see him/me in a more sympathetic light. I saw how rediculous some of the things I had put upon me were. And I saw how being a grown man did not mean that it was my fault.

I slip and slide back into blame but when I do I pull out this deal I wrote and think on it. I don't blame the guy in the story. So how can I blame me?

I hope this helps someone else.


Broad statements often miss their true mark.