I read the posts on sexual templates. They were spot-on for me. I can see specific desires/behaviors/beliefs linked directly to my CSA.

I'm having a hard time expressing this, so please bear with me. I was wondering if the idea of a sexual template would carry over into non-sexual areas. My CSA was at the ages of 3 - 5. I'm not sure how to phrase it but maybe a "how-the-world-works" template.

For example, from as far back as I can remember I had a belief that girls/women hated boys/men. I was in my 20's when I realized that females were not violently angry and hateful towards males. I am still a little surprised when I hear a woman say she "wants" or "likes" a man.

I'm not sure exactly where this specific belief came from and there are definitely other very irrational non-sexual beliefs as well. So the question is: Can a CSA cause a distorted non-sexual world view?

CSA can absolutely cause a distorted world view. In your case was the perpetrator female? If so your world view would make perfect sense. Even if not you may have learned that females hate men from important people in your family.

We all know the word for the hatred of females is misogyny but less people know the word for the hatred of men which is misandry. If a child is raised in a family where the female caretakers hate males than the world view can very well be imprinted on the child that females misandrists. This is gender abuse and it is a form of covert sexual abuse.

There are common though distortions as a result of CSA which include;

1. The world is dangerous.
2. Sex is my most important need.
3. I deserved the abuse.
4. Erroneous self-perceptions.
5. Pretending that nothing is wrong.
6. Becoming a master of pretense.
7. Disowning aspects of yourself.
8. Confusion about one’s sexuality.

So there are many nonsexual templates which are absolutely created as a result of CSA. The good news is that you can unlearn them by challenging them and realizing that the world doesn’t support these beliefs.

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