well, there is a big difference between impulses based on childhood trauma and somebody with Dissasociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) This is going to sound really corny and stupid, but there is a concept called the inner child and it can help. But dont delude yourself, your inner child is liable to flip you off or kick you in the balls as soon as look at you. What it really is is trying to connect with who you were at that time, understanding that you were powerless to do anything, and understanding it on the basic level you did as a child. Its about acknowledging that you no matter how tough you are, you are mortal, and therefore, voulnrable. That takes some real guts, to go back and be a terrified little kid who is being raped, and say NO! I dont care what anybody else says thats strength. If you continue to isolate yourself from who you were, you will still be that same little kid your whole life, and all your actions will revolve around your trauma. Power and Anger are not strength, change and love, those take guts.