take this as kind words meant in a loving explanation.

Sins are not murdering Christ, Christ sacrificed himself to take all our sins...then and now and in the future....upon Himself that we may be forgiven in Him, as He alone is the only possible perfect sacrifice for our sins.

Who ever told you that when you sin you take part in the murder of Christ, was guilty of an old heresey that seperates Christ from the Holy Trinity: God cannot be killed.

As for minimizing by saying "men" did it. Actually, God didn't do it, Christ didn't do it, and I, and millions of other faithful Christians didn't do it...a "man" (perhpas a women, as I don't know the circumstances, nor is it heathly for me to hear it) did it. It was a sinful, fallible man who should be punished, SEVERALLY. But you are correct, where the Church is concerned, the Church is not guiltless. Church's need to step forward, demand hugh penance by the offender, cooperate with the police just as if a murderer had made a confession in a confessional which requires them by lwa to disclose (hmmm...a similar certainly seems appropriate), and look for the flaws and loopholes in theological or seminary training that allowed pedophiles to get in in the first place. The Church's penance should be public acceptance of responsibilty, organizational restructuring to prevent recurrances, and cooperation with the legal system. Absolutely. But by using the word church we must be sure to not confuse the word Church, were Jesus is the Head and we are all incorporate in the body...and "church" as in a heirarchial structured legal corporation with a human being as primate or "supreme" leader, that exists as a entity recognized by various state legislative bodies. It is the latter, the "church" composed solely of contemporary "quick" people that is responsible for addressing those changes and accepting responsibility. So, by pointing a finger at a "man" the true perpetrator is identified, and the "church" can then either do the right thing and address the problem, or, do what we have all come to expect them to do and play sematics, redirect, deny, move the "man", or otherwise obfuscate and deny responsibility and potential litigation (thus, not be truly repentant nor willing to do penance, nor have the will to change their "corporate" life.)

I don't meant to contradict you brother, I merely have a diferent point of view.

Peace be with you.

A Church is not a resort for saints; it is a hospital for sinners.